Update to policy


After offering our players the option to have fully automatic fire in the upstairs zone for over three months, and for them to overwhelmingly vote “No” on every single occasion has led us to review our position on full auto.

In CQB it is normal to have a single shot only rule in place, as engagement distances tend to be vastly reduced.

Having fully automatic fire permitted often creates issues as so often players will transition round a corner into either a tight space (unsuitable for full auto) or straight into an enemy, and the natural instinct is to reach for the trigger, not pause to think what the selector is set at.

The combination of a years buildwork has meant that sight lines have been reduced greatly and long distances to engage at have been cut signifcantly.

Finally, when watching professionals at work, you tend not to see them clearing CQB situations with the trigger set to full auto – controlled aimed shots are the order of the day.

It is with all these facts considered that from Sunday 26th October 2014 we have updated our rules to single shot only across the whole site.

By definition this means that burst fire options are also not to be used.

The only time this rule will not apply is at private games, and will be agreed only at the discretion of the marshals present.

If you have any enquiries regarding a private game or any questions about our revised policy, please use the contact us option from the menu.

CQB Action – If it bleeds, we can kill it!


Action from our walk on gameday, Sunday 16th March 2014.


Video courtesy of scoutthedoggie